MyRuckus Online offers website, application, and email hosting solutions for schools and non-profit organizations

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Websites, applications and email hosting solutions

Are you tired of server downtime? Do you wish you could host your website and e-mail someplace reliable and secure?

MyRuckus Online lets you do just that. Designed especially for schools, MyRuckus Online offers reliable hosting for websites, email, applications, and even student records. We can also help you build or refurbish your website, or maintain it to keep your communications up to date.

Secured student social network and collaboration

MyRuckus Online is the only hosting service to include a secure student social network,, and Internet collaboration through

Today, you can’t afford to compromise privacy and security. You have more information online than ever. Students want it, busy parents demand it, and teachers, administrators and volunteers need it. Because MyRuckus Online has the storage space you need, with a full gigabyte (1GB) available for email accounts and websites, you know your information will be there when you need it. You can access MyRuckus Online on the go with your iPhone, BlackBerry or other handheld.

But like your students, your information has to be kept safe. And like knowledge, it has to be accessible when you want it. After all, textbooks don’t go offline, and neither should your schools’ information. MyRuckus Online offers all-inclusive support, a world-class data center with high-tech backup systems, and ultra-reliable Apple servers.

Professional support when you need it

MyRuckus Online includes IT support at the level you choose, with online and phone support at no additional charge. Our system gives you anti-virus, anti-spam, spyware and phishing protection. Upgrades and patch management are included in the package you choose.

Pricing to meet your budget (E-rate approved)

When you purchase hosting through MyRuckus Online, we can co-manage your website and email. Or choose full management, and let our staff do the tech work for you. Our cost-effective solutions will save you time and money – and free up your IT staff for other projects.

With MyRuckus Online, you know your information will be there. When you need it, safe and secure.

Take a tour of our online demos:

Basic email system
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Premium email system
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Password: demo2

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MyRuckus Online—the only service provider that actually gives back to students and schools!