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Email Accounts

We offer two types of email accounts: basic email (for up to 5,000 users) or premium email, with systems that accommodate chat, video, photos and more.

Account names can be anyone @, .org, .net, .com or other. Email hosting includes:

  • 1GB (1,000MB) per mail box (more space available)
  • 100MB attachment capability–can be managed individually
  • SSL 128 or 256-bit encryption for email client or webmail
  • Support for most email client software (Outlook, Eudora, Apple mail, and others)
  • On-demand password change access
  • Out of office notification from both email client software and webmail
  • MS Exchange connector for Outlook to access server side features
  • Microsoft Active Sync and mobile device support
  • Webmail mini for your smart phone
  • Server-based protection against viruses and spam
  • Server-based soft wipe of lost smart phones

MyRuckus Online includes a webmail filter to better organize your mail. You may create an unlimited number of folders and share folders, calendars, contacts and tasks.

Accessing Email

  • POP3 and secure POP3
  • IMAP4 and secure IMAP4
  • Web based email–graphical web interface with SSL 128-bit encryption certificate and custom login page
  • Microsoft® Outlook via MAPI with Kerio’s Outlook Connector to access exchange features
  • Microsoft Entourage through Web DAV–Apple mail client
  • Wireless email for handheld devices

What’s Included?

All leased or dedicated Apple servers include an unlimited user license and all the features with the operating system. MyRuckus Online will do all management and maintenance if you have a leased or dedicated server. For best pricing, we recommend a three-year service level agreement (SLA).

MyRuckus Online email hosting for more than 500 accounts includes a dedicated server with a three-year SLA. For 1,000 or more accounts, a three-year SLA allows us to customize pricing to fit your needs.